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Quitting California job due to change in job description after attempts to resolve

by IC
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

I'm in CA and am quitting my job after 4.5 years, because the company created a new department that they didn't have before and decided that that department will be doing all of my current responsibilities. I would have to have other responsibilities which do not interest me in my career path instead. I tried to get transferred to that department and they weren't completely opposed to it, but given the current hiring freeze and layoffs, they were not able to do it.

I'm planning to start looking for another job that entails what I did for 4.5 years. The hiring freeze may ease in 6 months or so and they're not opposed to potentially hiring me on again, though they can't officially promise me this right now.

Is that considered a good cause for receiving unemployment benefits?

Hi IC,

I really can't say because you haven't given enough details about the differences in the job you had and the job you are refusing. You need check out California's determination guide for refusing suitable work. You would have to show the state why the new job wasn't suitable for you.

For instance, you're a CPA and they now want you to be an accounting clerk, they are going to drastically reduce your earnings, etc. Employers protest voluntary quits for job refusal all the time...just like this:

"Continuing work was available". "The claimant was offered another position and refused". "The claimant quit for personal reasons unknown to the employer."

Since you are the moving party it is your burden to show why quitting was your only option.

It would be a good idea to find some California unemployment case law to back up your position.


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