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Quitting Due to a Change in Pay

by Anonymous

I am a part-time professional employee that is paid on an hourly basis. I was paid one week paid vacation and received a yearly bonus in April. Our company was purchased 11 months ago by a man who stated that things would be the same (not in writing though) and now he is not giving raises, paid benefits or bonuses per a letter that he gave with our paychecks this week.

He has stated that starting 7/1 he will not pay us hourly anymore but on a pair pay for performance to the fees that clients pay. A % basis and we are unclear as to what we will be earning.

Does this change in pay structure and telling us no more raises, benefits and bonuses qualify when someone quits and goes for unemployment?

Thank you for any help.

Hi Anonymous,

It would have been helpful to know which state you're in. How a state decides issues due to changes in the condition of employment .. vary.

But I can say that the elimination of bonuses and no more raises is not something that always provides good cause for quitting.

The change in the structure of how you are paid may be. T

The fact that you haven't been provided with any information yet, to assess how this change may be detrimental to you prompts me to warn you that quitting before you know is not a good idea.

If you quit you would be wise to do so with cold hard numbers and not assumptions.

The benefits may also be considered a substantial change, but you would need to check the state statutes to see if "fringe benefits" are mentioned before you rush to judgment.

If I knew what state you were in I'd know if there was a decision or adjudication digest to refer you to that would go along way to clearing things up.

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