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Quitting due to a denial of a promotion?

by Shannon
(Clarksville IN)

I have been at my job for almost 5 yrs and for the last year have been promised the first opening in another department I was wanting to transfer into. A few months ago my supervisor came to me and told me what I was going to be doing but to keep it hush hush and It has now finally come up and I have begun training the person to assume my role and was looking forward to starting my new job. My supervisor came to me today told me I was to start tomorrow and she would let the person know who was currently doing that job that they were being transferred. I came home and get an angry text message on my cell from her stating I told this person I was taking another persons job and why did I do that. I responded I did not and now i am being told I am not getting the new job. I do intend to discuss this further with her but if I am unsuccessful in my attempts fix the situation. Is this good cause to quit I work in Kentucky but live in Indiana. thanks

Hi Shannon,

No, I do not think it would be found as a quit with good cause.

You may want to talk to an employment attorney though .. there may be factors that might make a difference that you haven't mentioned.

But as you stated it here I don't think unemployment would be a possibility.

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