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Quitting due to change in position.....

by Lori

Michigan....I was originally hired by this company to do graphic design work (August 2008). Due to the down turn in the economy (and I'm sure many other reasons), our company was sold/merged to/with a larger company. With that my position was changed to something that has absolutely nothing to do with graphic design, my pay was cut and I lost 2 weeks (had 4) vacation. I figured I would give it a try, seeing as there is not much else out there right now. It has been 6 weeks and the position is way beyond my capabilities and has caused me so much stress that I am having health problems because of it. I have heard of at least 2 other instances where people have quit, not for particularly good reasons, and have received unemployment benefits. What do you think?

Hi Lori,

What do you mean way beyond your capabilities .. I am totally in awe of graphic designers .. I must have 4 or 5 free graphic editors on my computer .. I've turned into a dithering mess every time I've tried to figure the simplest of things out. Graphic designers are geniuses in my book:))

Your issue is one of whether the work was suitable in the first place and whether you had good cause to refuse it at the time it was offered. But be aware that if you stay in an unsuitable job too long .. this argument can be diminished because of your apparent acquiescence and acceptance of the job. Some states may also have timeframes that one needs to consider.

Things to read:

Nonmonetary Pages 25 - 30. This resource is at the USDOL. On page 27 there is a bit of information specific to Michigan about wages that's important to know before anyone refuses work based on the pay.

Michigan's information. This is part of the Advocacy program .. I think all claimants should try to make use of this program. There's a phone number at the bottom.

Michigan unemployment decision digest. I thought this decision might be relative to you.

Lasher v Mueller Brass Co 13.18

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