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Quitting due to incompatible work hours with school.


I was hired for a day shift job at a hospital in California. I have worked at this job for 18 months. About 6 months ago, I enrolled at a local university to get a degree in Nursing and was able to nicely balance those hours with my work responsibilities.

Recently, my manager informed me that my schedule will be changed to 2:30-11:00am. With these new hours, I will not be able to continue my evening classes at school.

I have already taken out thousands of dollars worth of student loans, and I will have to quit school to maintain this new shift. I understand that there is a general rule of thumb that states quitting a job requires being able to prove to the Unemployment Office a reasonable necessity of such a decision. Would you consider this to be an exception to the rule?

Thank you.

The only argument I might be able to think of is that the "conditions of hire" were exclusive to the hour you were hired for.

I believe that you would be wise to read not only
VQ 40 but VQ 440 (B)

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