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Quitting for medical reasons and Unemployment Benefits in Illinois.

by Stace

I was told they will call me and ask me some questions. They will then call my work and ask the same questions.

They said the answers have to match.
What will they ask me?

Hi Stace,

You didn't provide enough information for me to respond with anything, but a complete rundown on every possible scenario when quitting for health reasons.

Therefore, I suggest you read some Illinois decisions regarding the topic of health and unemployment benefits.

You will find the link to the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Law Handbook on this page of IDES website.

If you need more help understanding, you may contact me through this page.

Please remember this Stace. Unemployment benefits are decided on a case by case basis. The questions they ask are based on what you told the state when you applied and what the employer told the state when they responded to "The notice of claim filed".

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Sep 14, 2009
by: Stace

Thanks for the reply. I assumed there were general questions they asked each medical case, so I am happy to hear it is based on individual answers from both parties. That makes sense. I left for medical reasons, which was stated in my resignation letter after FMLA was exausted. They accepted the letter and emailed me stating they were sorry my condition had not improved. I assume IDES will want to make sure that is the reason I left the job, making the claim valid.
Thanks again!

Hi Stace,

I have a question for you .. and it is a reason which a state may say is the reason for denial.

Before you resigned, did you request your leave be extended with a personal LOA?

And are you able and available for work now?

Guess I had two questions.

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