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Quitting for multiple reasons in Michigan. Offer of work agreements

When I was interviewing for the job I was told I would be trained at multiple locations and then be transferred closer to my home within 4-5 months. It has been over 5 months and I just got transferred to a new location which is further away then the one I am currently at. The commute is about 50 minutes in good conditions. I requested a transfer and was denied. I told them I intended to quit if I was not transferred and was still denied. I feel like I was hired under false pretenses. Another reason I am quitting is because I am a manager and usually work nights. Being the only manager on duty means I cannot leave the location for lunch or anything else. We are pressured into not taking our two 15 minute breaks and most of the time I don't even get my full 30 minute lunch. We are given such an extensive workload with deadlines that make it impossible to take our breaks and get anywheres near completion. I work in a store and if a customer needs help, I have to be interrupted to help them. We are told to punch back in at 30 minutes and take whatever time we spent on the floor for our lunch. The policy for the company is that we get a 30 minute break for lunch and if interrupted, another full 30 minutes will be given. If we followed this rule I would most likely be on lunch for the rest of the night. Do I have a chance to collect unemployment for any of these things and which, if not all, should I use in my claim?


is a good question and raises a point I try to make over and over again.

When applying for unemployment, it's best to focus like a laser on the reason that will allow benefits.

In theory, the way it is suppose to work is that IF you raise multiple issues and one of those reasons would be qualifying .. you're supposed to get benefits.

Everyone has to know that this doesn't always happen.

The only reason I saw that even begins to have a potential for showing good cause is the fact that you were told that you would be transferred to a location closer to your home, but the question is closer than what because you were trained at multiple locations.

Was whatever promise of the location of work included in a written offer? Was something implied when interviewing? Who implied it?

So often a person takes a job, based upon what they are told, but when an employer doesn't deliver on your perceptions about what you think you were promised .. they quit and are denied benefits .. simply because you can't prove that what you were told or promised.

This is why an "offer letter" needs to be examined, but how many actually get an offer letter.

I'll bet if more people actually asked for an offer letter detailing the conditions of hire .. they wouldn't get hired if the employer had no intentions of following through on what we thought they had promised, simply because hiring you requires a document that is not to the employer's advantage.

Sorry this is so convoluted, but definitely take a look at the reasons you accepted the job and thought it would work out for you.

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