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Quitting part-time job for "good cause" I live in Florida, but my unemployment benefits are from California.

by Michelle
(Florida (from California))

I have a question: After moving to Florida and not being able to find "suitable" work, I filed for unemployment benefits from my prior job in California and have been receiving benefits. Here is the problem, in my eager attempt to find work and get my foot in the door of a good company here in Florida, I accepted a part-time job at (XYZ Company). The reason why I accepted the position is because the company stated that the job would be "customer service" and I would be helping their clients during these tough economic times. The offer was that I go through 5 weeks of paid training and then I would go to the "floor" and start contacting clients. During the training all seemed well, we learned various laws and programs geared to help the customer. We were given 3 tests of which I failed and 1 final exam, which I failed. The trainer told me not to worry about it, but I needed to get more aggressive or I would make it. I started to get stressed out at this point. During the last week of training we were actually making calls to client and were monitored. I have 2 reviews with the trainer and again was told that I needed to get more aggressive, I explained that I was under the impresssion that the job was more customer service oriented and so far none of the clients were "qualifying" for the special programs designed to help them. He told me to focus on being more aggressive, that he was going to pass me, but that once I get up on the "floor" I would be monitored and evaluated and if I didn't get more aggressive, I wasn't going to "make it". Well, sorry to say after that I was stressed out, with various health issues that actually kept me from work a few days. I made it to work and was on the "floor" one day and after asking about being transfered to an "actual" customer service position and

told I would have to wait 6 months, but if I couldn't make it at this position, I wasn't going to be considered for anything else - I decided to quit the part-time job. At the exit interview they asked me what the problem was and I explained the above and said the job was not what I thought it would be, geared more to customer service. The company rep. wouldn't look me in the eyes and handed me some benefit handbook for me to review and escorted me out of the secured building.

Now I am concerned that I will lose my unemployment benefits! I couldn't handle the job, it was way too stressful calling up people who were out of work themselves and harassing them for money, took the job because I thought it would be a way to help people during these economic times, as the company stated, but it turned out to be a hard core collecting job and I would have never accepted the job if I knew it was that type of job, I would have kept looking for work and have still been looking for work. What do you think my chances are of still being able to receive my CA benefits until I find another job in Flroida?
Thanks again for yoru help.

Hi Michelle,

I'm right there with you!! And I totally understand your dilemma, but I'm not the one who counts.

When you reopen your California unemployment claim you will have to prove to California that the job was "unsuitable" to you.

Luckily, it's California benefits and they have the California Unemployment determination guide I think you pay special attention to the information under "elements of suitable work" and "conscientious objection".

I think it is with this information you can form your best argument and don't be afraid to read other sections because it can only enhance your understanding of what it is the state will be looking for.

If you need to talk (type:) some more, just let me know.


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