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Quitting to move because employer changed pay structure

by head
(Palm Beach County, fl )

I took a job at the beginning of the recession

it was hourly + commission + i was in a 90 day trial at the pay I was getting.
- Right before 90 days The boss forced a freeze on any change in pay across the board and cut all commissions and incentives, in which I relied on.
_ Recently the manager has cut hrs making it extremely impossible to live.
_ I am forced to leave my place I am staying and move down south to a more affordable place... the distance is ridiculously long. I would be unable to afford even the gas.
2 part Q:
1. If I am forced to end my employment with my company, am I able to collect insurance?
2. Does it depend on your employer not to be spiteful in refusing you? I have seen very 'spiteful' things they have done to other employees, like mice in cages.

another Question:
Is part time unemployment available?

Hi head,

If you quit your job .. it must be attributable to the employer. You failed to mention how long you have been working under the changed conditions of hire .. after working under the changes .. you will have appeared to of "accepted" the changes .. even if they would have been good cause to quit attributable to the employer at the time of change.

Quitting to move in Florida is not with good cause .. unless you can prove the employer caused the need to move.

If you are working less than full-time (usually 32 hours or less per week) you might be eligible for partial unemployment benefits.

Spite has nothing to do with it. It's all about your burden and whether good cause for quitting can be allowed per the statutes which are interpreted with precedent decisions.

Unfortunately, Florida does not provide an interpretive resource .. but you might try researching for FL unemployment on

They, at least, use to give anyone a free 24 hour trial to do legal research.

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