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Quitting to move closer to husband

by Roxana

I will be getting. Married next month my soon to be husband lives and works two hours away. The commute is too hard. My job doesn't offer a transfer. I would still be in california just another city ? Would I be eligible for unemployment? Thanks

Hi Roxana
Eligibility is at least possible when you quit to follow your husband to a new location because the California UIBDG says so. (Link goes to Q&A's specific to CA).

However, as quitting does put the burden of proof on the you, the claimant, I would advise you to read, understand, and take very seriously, what is explained by the EDD.

California has a good resource and you can find links to it by reading previous questions from others needing CA unemployment benefits when quitting to follow their spouse to a new location impractical to commute from.

I provided the link to the UIBDG (unemployment insurance benefits determination guide) often because it addresses the concerns of your burden of proving good cause to get the benefits.

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