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Re: working conditions


I had given my notice due to health reasons-related to the job. Stress-prompted shingles. The reason why I left was to due the stressful working enviorment-and my direct report: Direct report moreless was pushing me out the door. I wanted to leave gracefully, they were fully aware of my shingles -and that I try to resovle by taking medications for over a year. The triggering event was my direct report was questioning my ethics (I was cleaning out my office) making sure everything was organized for them. One thing lead to another-and I open up I was upset about questioning my ethics-other issues that surface.

I was crying and gave them my keys and walked out- I had already given my notice three weeks before thinking they were going to fill the position in which they didn't.


Did you quit on the advice of a physician?

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Mar 11, 2010
Re: Woking conditions
by: Anonymous

I have been trying to resolve this by taking medications- for the past two years. My phyiscian was aware of my job function-and the stress.

Was FMLA an option?

Mar 13, 2010
Working conditions
by: Anonymous

No, I decided to leave b4 it got to the point of medical. He was more concerned with overtime than the work.

Mar 14, 2010
Re: Woking conditions
by: Anonymous

No it was not FMLA. My boss said I should file a work comp-stress is part of the job. And I agree to a certain point being in HR. However, going out on FMLA would not solve the problem or filimg a claim the only soultion was to leave. There are two issues: 1) Shingles 2) Construtive Discharge during the past year, things surface. 1) I did not get a annual evaulation nor my staff-but my direct report gave her staff thiers. 2).
A comment was made about my spouse at orienation "Hienz 57" 3). Questioning my ethics, it appear there was alot of angry towards me. I did dislcose to my report you know the reason why I am leaving. So I wanted to exit out grafully-the last day it was intorable. I dont want to file a stress claim-claim DEFH-EEO. Just want to collect unemployment to get my shingles better. Not sure if this indivdual feels threaten, I gave a 110% my goal was to be the best employee.

If you would like to discuss this me .. then I'll be happy to discuss it and review any documents you would be using to "prove good cause for quitting".

Or you can read the relevant sections in the California determination guide.

I personally believe there's way more going on here than a case of shingles .. for which you apparently, never provided the employer with information about .. so they would have had the opportunity to evaluate how to remove the stress from your working conditions.

This is unemployment 101 .. the moving party has the burden of proof .. what's your proof ..

Mar 16, 2010
Re: working conditions
by: Anonymous


Yes you're correct: its more than shingles, but that was the triggering event. I did give my employer opportunity to correct this situation over a year ago. It just continued- as some of the examples I listed below. As I mention I did try talking to my direct report response "file a work comp" or there was negative comments... they told me that is part of the position.

But it was not getting resolved. They indicated I have not been focus in 2008- but never receieved any written actions on my performance. In talking with this individual the conversations we had it was negative not how to improve it- at that point I pulled back I just wanted to leave and not rock the boat- and the stress prompted an out break on my shingles.

When I resigned they didnt even ask why I was leaving? Isn't that strange after years of employment they don't want to know? Six years having outstanding performance evaulations-2008 not received (they said mine was done) and my staff's was not given. I kept asking them-there response I am still reviewing. The rest of the depart received theirs. Makes it look bad as a Manager.

It was causing heath problems based on a stress enviornment- which they were clearly aware and did not try to resolve it. That's where I felt I was being push out the door. At the end it was a mutual agreement more less to move on.

You mentioned 101 employment so I am clear I wont be able to claim unemployment? Given the situation it was clear at least to me this was a constructive discharge. I will keep you posted-if I do get denied I will appeal and present my facts exhibits.

Thank you:)

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