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Reapplication for unemployment benefits? or Appeal a denial of unemployment benefits?

by Laura
(Wilmington. DE)

Hello Chris,

I quit my job of 2 1/2 years in NYC in May of 2008. Ignorantly, I applied for unemployment benefits, listing my reason for quitting, as well as my reason for applying as; "going back to school" (wasnt really the reason, but ultimately school was where I ended up). After reading several excepts from your site, I quickly realized I should've done a little bit of reading and research prior to doing so. Anyway, I did return to school nearly one year and a half after quitting and being denied benefits (from August of 2009 - May of 2010, attended school in DE). I have had a couple of part-time jobs between now and then (May 2008). These were all prior to moving from NY to Delaware (August 2009). Unfortunately, much of my savings have dwindled and after careful consideration and endless "number running", my finances really will not allow for me to go back to school for another year. I have actively been seeking employment in DE and surrounding states for the past 3 months. It has been very tough as I havent had much luck at all. I began selling some old things on E-bay after finals, this past May 2010. It has been a blessing or at least some kind of help in getting me through the summer months. I would really like to work and continue living here in DE (I have no desire to return to my home state, NY). I was hoping that perhaps you might have some suggestions in terms of reapplying for benefits in a new state and/or appealing the NY decision. Thanks so much for your time.


There is no point in appealing the original decision .. quitting to attend school is a disqqualifying reason to quit.

But, NY's disqualification just ain't all that tough to purge with subsequent employment .. except for the fact that you will now have a new benefit year with a new base period (different wages) and the only questions for me would be regarding those two part-time subsequent jobs and under what conditions you separated from them and of course whether they will allow you to monetarily qualify again for as weekly benefit amount.

I suggest you open up the resource linked to at the top of the page about unemployment pay.

Since you have all the dates and know what you earned, you should be able to determine if you have a possibility.

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