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by Michael
(Glendale, CA, USA)

I was receiving unemployment benefits until February 2010, when I subsequently found a job after nearly exhausting all my Tier claims. Then today I find out my boss is fired and those who report to her are in limbo.

If I end up losing this job I've had for one year, am I eligible to open a new claim and able to collect additional benefits?

Hi Michael,

All benefit years have a BYB (benefit year begins) and BYE (benefit year ends) date. When the benefit year ends .. a new claim must be filed .. even when you're collecting extensions .. which I sincerely hope will be out of the picture for you.

This is relative to the fact that CA unemployment law will be adding an "alternative base period" (the time frame wages are looked at to determine your WBA) on April 13th 2011.

Up until that date California will use the standard BP .. the first 4 of the last 5 COMPLETED quarters, relative to the quarter a claim is filed.

But on or after April 13 California can use the alternative BP which is the last four completed quarters, to determine whether you qualify monetarily and of course to determine your WBA.

So yes .. I think you will have no problem monetarily qualifying .. but remember the date.

Here's all the information you need to estimate your weekly benefit amount. (It's DOLETA's 2010 Monetary Eligibility Chartbook

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