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Reasons for Denial of Unemployment Benefits

by Chris

You may think that there are many reasons for a denial of unemployment benefits.

Not so.

Determinations and decisions that have denied unemployment benefits when you quit or were fired all have the same reasons.

There are a couple foundational reasons all others are based on.

1. You DID NOT lose your job through "No Fault of Your Own" .. per the statutes.

2. You are not able and available for work or actively seeking suitable work.

Ironically, many of you will lose benefits after you start collecting due to the reason listed in # 2.

Reversing a denied unemployment claim requires some thought and effort. It requires an understanding of what you need to show or prove that clears the way for the fault to be assigned to the employer.

Nothing could be simpler .. right? I beg to differ and the reason I differ is because I think that many, many more people would be collecting unemployment if they only had a lawyer. If you read what I have to say about finding a lawyer for an unemployment hearing .. you understand that it is a luxury that only an employer can afford.

Therefore, I believe the real problem we first need to overcome is the complacency we may feel.

Fighting for unemployment benefits is no time to be complacent. You must aggressively pursue benefits and you need to understand that you will be acting as your own legal representative.

We have been asked many questions which just want to know how to fight a denied claim and win the unemployment appeal hearing.

We think the best way is to develop a plan .. a strategy. to dig in and learn about this process that most of us never thought we'd have to go through.

Maybe now is the time to read what some others have asked about getting unemployment.

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May 23, 2014
edd uses u.i.code 1277 to make a valid claim invalid
by: greg

an appeal judge states the did not work and was not paid wages. Not possible because the claimant has two valid claims.

For anyone interested in knowing whether they have merits to appeal an invalid claim monetary determination for California unemployment benefits,
here's the relevant page at the California's UIBDG

And you can find section 1277 of the code by following the link to the California's UI statutes on the unemployment law resource page.

Sep 19, 2010
Denied for Misconduct and violation of a company policy
by: Anonymous

I was terminated for Misconduct and for violation of a company policy. I worked as a RN and I checked my own personal record and family's records. The records I checked was with their permission and no information that I seen was given out to them. I never spoke of the informaion that I seen.
Also, during my interview with HR I was truthful with the questions but they did state that I was untruthful during their investigation which is false. I did write a letter back to them in regards to this false acqusation but have not heard a reply. I am wondering if this is part of the misconduct.
I have never been in trouble for anything else while I was employed there for the past 10 years. I also did not understand the fact of termination for "just Looking" at the records, I am aware that we are not able to disclose personal information with out the consent of others. Which I didnt disclose any medical information to anyone. The purpose of checking for example my friends record was his insurance info and what was stated in his er report. My intentions for looking at anyones informaion was not to be in a negative way. It was for the intent to exactly see what was going on and it was not shared with anyone not even that person. I am wondering why I would get denied unemployment.

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