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Receiving a written notice on performance and signed the notice under pressure?

by ana cortes
(charlotte, nc 2815)

I received a written notice for an overall lack of performance. The written notice states from my manager that he feels i am not grasping customer care call handling procedures based on monitoring, call notes, and feedback from callers. I signed this note but regret it first of all since i been working here since August i have never had any complaints or rude callers. Only one incident for following the companies procedure which was not transferring call to payroll. The caller was angry and apparently told my boss about. But i was not rude or disrespectful to the caller. He also stated that I do not sound or come across as confident. This is his opinion because if this were true than i would make a lot of mistake sin my job. I have not had any call back stating that i gave the wrong info, or anything that will completly blow things out of order in this job. I have and always ask when in doubt of something. The warning also says that I was trained for a week on the receptionist to cover for lunch and breaks. My manager admited to me that he called to test me acting as different people in a time of 15 minutes to see if i am doing a well job. Obviously by him doing this he made it busier and put me under pressure, when in reality it might not have been that busy. I just do not feel like even though i sign this paper it is fair. I ask if i had to sign it, my manager said well this is for you to understand only, making it seem like it is not a big deal. So i signed the paper I really felt like I did not agree with this form at all and think it was unfair.

Hi Ana,

I'd say it sounds like the manager believes you have an inability to do the job.

Inability is generally not considered misconduct, but believe me .. employers will try to make it sound like there is a neglectful element that is the cause.

Counter document. A response to the write-up with a point by point disagreement and maybe a request for some additional training to bring you up to the speed the employer wants can help.

Ask if they will please add your response to your personnel file .. I would do it by email and then print a copy after you send it and then when he responds.

Document. Document. Document.

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