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Receiving unemployment benefits while in a nursing home - Is it unemployment fraud?

by Teressa

I had been receiving unemployment compensation since Dec 2008. I was admitted to the hospital in June of this year and then transferred to a nursing home in July. I continued to claim my unemployment benefits and the nursing home is stating that I committed fraud. I am only here short term but still looking for a job. Because I'm in the nursing home and my unemployment check is direct deposited in my bank account, my daughter is paying my bills for me using that money. Did I do something wrong? What should I do now?

Hi Teressa,

Yes, you did do something wrong. You didn't report that you were not able and available for work.

All continuing claim forms, online, by phone or hard copies you must mail ask the question of whether you were able and available for work during the week you are requesting benefits.

You were not able and available while in the hospital nor now while in a nursing home.

The nursing home is correct and it is fraud.

Additionally, anyone can report fraud anonymously.

I'll leave it up to you to decide what you think you should do.

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