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Recieving partial unemployement and leaving a part-time job

by Nat

While I was out on unpaid "baby bonding" I got information that my company was going out of business. In a panic I accepted a part time job. I filed the claim quickly after and have been getting partial benefits. My babysitter (who was free) has found a job and can no longer babysit. Now, I do not make enough money to pay for a babysitter. I was granted $450 a week before deducting the wages earned. If I leave my pt job will I get that $450 a week? Or will my benefits be revoked all together?


You have to have good cause to leave even the part-time work because the separation from the most recent work controls the claim from the moment you separation from it. Stoppage of benefits given what you've told me would be the likely scenario.

What you have proposed is quitting due to a personally compelling reason, but one which does not address the fact that even in CA, you still have to exhaust efforts to show you had no choice to quit. Financial difficulties that make you unable to obtain childcare so you can work are what would make you not able and available to work.

Just the fact that you are proposing quitting and collecting the whole 450 because you can't afford childcare makes you not able and available to work as far as I can tell.

So, instead you need to be looking for childcare assistance to at least minimize the loss of free childcare so you can keep on .. keepin'.

See what CA has to say about getting unemployment benefits when quitting due to childcare and other domestic situations.

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Sep 25, 2011
fired from pt but on partial UI
by: ian blakk

I was recently fired for having too many voids which "in her experience would indicate theft". However, I was already receiving partial unemployment from a previous job that went out of business and had not yet exhausted. I only worked the pt job 2 days a week. Will I lose my current benefits?

I don't know. Can "she" prove there was a theft for any of the voids?

Aug 02, 2011
In Response
by: Nat

I am not saying to collect the $450 a week for ever, I am saying just until I can find a full time job. I am absolutly available to willing to work - but making what I make and paying 250/week in daycare is actually loosing money...

I know what you're saying, but you're ignoring what I'm saying.

Quitting a part-time job, subsequent to the beginning of a claim or while collecting partial unemployment benefits .. means the reason for the separation will be investigated and if it is not found to be a quit with good cause per what CA says .. you will lose your benefits.

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