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reduction in workforce due to family loss and having a baby.

by jesse
(redding, ca,)

my up coming wife and i lost her father on X-mas. so i had to take a day off due to me helping with the funeral and being there for family support. Than in jan my girl and i had a bay due on the 17. around the 10th she started having really bad contractions. we going to the hospitol alot and i had to help with the other kids, so i called in and told work what was going on. they new i was going to have a baby soon. instead of understanding i got a letter saying i was being let go on terms of involuntary reduction of work force hours. now im at home looking for job.i couldnt take baby time off because i wasnt working there for a year.

So Jesse, did you file a claim for unemployment benefits?

You should.

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