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Reduction of hours / good cause

by Chris
(riverbank ca )

Ok Hear we go.

Im working for a truck driving company in california that hauls us mail for usps. Been there for 1 year. I worked an average of 33 hours per week. Back in Dec 09 my contracter changed routes due to lower mail volume. My job reduced my hours from 33per week to 12-14 per week. I applyed for partial UI benifits and It was granted to me. My question is this. Am I able to quit my job and keep collecting benifits due to the reduction or is that something I was only able to do when they first reduced my hours? If not will I be able to quit and keep collecting if they cut my hours again?
Why would I want to leave if Im getting UI benifits along with a pay check u might ask? Well its because about 4 years ago I owed money to unemployment for over payment. They have gave me a 22 week disqualification and $4000 bill. Im having to give blood every week just to get by. If I quit my UI payments will be higher and the bill will go away faster. The other reason is I drive 4 days a week to a job that is 30 minutes away and work for a total of 3 hours that has a 4 hour split in the middle. Any ideas on what I can do if anything???


Here's how I see it .. quit the job and they'll yank the benefits and tack on a VQ disqualification which will require you to return to work and earn 5 times whatever your "total WBA" is.

Plus the overpayment DQ won't just disappear.

In your case .. I think you would just be better off spending your energy trying to find another truck driving job that will work you full-time.

The time you have worked under the present conditions is relevant .. because once it is seen that you accepted the "new conditions" good cause disappears.

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Mar 09, 2010
by: Chris Marshall

Not the info I wanted to hear but some times the truth hurts lol. Thanks for the help.

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