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Refusal Form

(New York)

Hi Chris,

I recently had a job offer, but I have heard that there has been very quick high employee turnover and the potential boss can get rid of me the very next day. I have to fill in this refusal form for NY and at the same time, I wanted to be honest as much as possible. How can I be able to tell them that the work was unsuitable? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much.


I take it, you might of been referred to this employer by the employment side of the NY unemployment department???

The problem, at least for me with this scenario is that you want to refuse a bona fide offer of work because you heard the company has high turnover and the person that will potentially be your boss, might just get rid of you the very next day.

I'd like to think if something like that happened to me, I'd also be prepared to rebut being fired was for a reason NOT misconduct.

This is not to say i don't think your reason isn't good personal cause to refuse a job, but I still think it sucks objectively speaking, in that your reason doesn't offer potential, to me at least, as being a valid UI law reason to refuse the job offer.

I telling you this .. because of my own understanding of the criteria for finding good cause to refuse, as provided by the USDOL.

It's possible, however, you may have more reasons for wanting to refuse that you didn't mention. So, in an effort to help you find a reason to justify any refusal, so it doesn't become the thing to destroy your
continuing eligibility ..

Did you find the link on the UI law / resources page, to the NY Unemployment Laws Interpretation Services?

Other than this, I believe in preempting unemployment and employment troubles .. or to put it another way, there's nothing like nipping a problem in the bud.

For instance, it is very sound advice to employees prospecting for a new job while collecting benefits, or not, to do their due diligence and research the pros and cons of a company .. before a job interview.

However, because I'm also cynical enough to know another value for the same research might be good reasons I don't want to work for a particular employer .. or boss, why would I still use what I know, to do my best to ace the interview?

This seems preferable to me, as opposed to looking for a way through a UI's refusal of suitable work hoop, after the fact, and all because they sent me a form to fill out .. which being me, I would assume would likely become part of a hearing record .. should I the claimant appeal the determination informing me of the stoppage of my benefits .. due to me refusing suitable work for good personal cause, but not any good cause coming even close to the criteria used to satisfy unemployment law.

Whether needing to be found eligible to collect, or to just pick up seamlessly where I left off last week claiming benefits .. I really know of only two ways for an employee, or an employer to come at potential unemployment problems. With foresight intended to avoid problems when possible, or from hindsight, where the map simply has fewer escape routes to explore.


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Jan 31, 2019
NY Unemployment
by: Anonymous

Hi Chris,

No, this wasn’t referred by the NY Unemployment. I was referred by one of the employees I used to work with at a previous company. There were recent layoffs and she is there now. In addition, there was a coincidence that when I applied for a similar position, it was the same one that I was interviewing for that day. I just started collecting benefits for a few weeks now. I was wondering if they will let me pass from this since it has not been long for me being under UI benefits.

Feb 01, 2019
Refusing Suitable Work Because Can Otherwise Be Deemed Unsuitable
by: Chris -

Then who provided you with the refusal form? Was it the employer who offered you the job?
Why are you required to help them document a fact, should you refuse?

All I can really say to help, is in regard to hypothetical you set up .. about refusing this offer of work, while you're collecting benefits. for the reason you gave me.

When anyone files a continuing claim for the week they are offered a job and truthfully answer, because they are certifying under penalty of perjury it should naturally raise the issue of whether the person refused a an offer of suitable work for a valid reason that might make the work not suitable for just that person to accept.

This is one of those conditional eligibility issues that raises flags on claims and generally needs to be resolved by the UI dept. before benefits can be paid again. Whether resolved with an additional eligibility questionnaire, or via a claim phone interview .. I can't say for sure.

But I would assume the questions you'd be asked would tightly pertain to whether you actually had good cause to refuse a bona fide job offer of suitable work.

The problem I see for you, is with your line of reasoning being used to refuse this offer.

It simply doesn't pass muster for being with good cause for me .. because I'm working off my own my understanding of what can make a refusal, end up being found as with good cause.


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