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Refusing to give sedation medication in a fast pace environment that I felt was a high risk for mistakes?

by Lucy
(Bend, Oregon)

I am an RN who took a job for three days in which I realized I was not qualified for in the fast paced setting without high risk to the patient. It was determined at the Employment Appeals Board hearing that I did not have good cause for voluntarily quitting. It was an unsafe job for me to perform for other people. I did have prior experience in that type of position in the past which is why I applied for it but not at that pace. The employer stated that I did not give the job enough time but I knew after observing that it was beyond my scope of experience and I knew that because I was the one personally injecting the drugs that I could be liable and sued for malpractice. My last option is the Oregon Court of Appeals.

Hi Lucy,

Do you have a lawyer?

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