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by Emme
(San Diego, CA)

My spouse relocated to NY two years ago after being unable to find employment in CA. I remained in CA until such time as I was able to secure a position in NY. As I have been unable to find comparable employment in NY for the past 2 years and the separation has been difficult on the family, my husband will be resigning his position and returning to CA without a job. Will he qualify for NY state unemployment benefits?

Thank you.

Here's some links.

New York Unemployment Interpretation Indexes

California Benefit Determination Guide

Both of these are the offerings which "explain" from the involved states.

In addition, last year many states either added or improved existing statutes for "personal and or compelling family reasons.

Therefore, everyone should read exactly what the participating states told the ETA they would be doing modernize their laws.

All the approved applications are located at the ETA Recovery website.

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