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renting a room in my house while on unemployment

by Cathy
(Atlanta, GA)

In order to help me keep my house and pay other bills, I've considered renting a room or two in my house.

But, will any rent i collect be deducted from unemployment allowance?

Hi Cathy,

I will only assume it is state specific as to whether income from rents is deductible income.

The USDOL chartbooks do not specifically mention rent income though.

This is not the first time the question has come up and if I remember correctly it wasn't deductible ..

However, I don't recall it's ever come up specific to GA unemployment.

My suggestion would be for you to call the GA unemployment department and ask them point blank in a hypothetical sort of way and then you tell me what they said. If you don't feel comfortable doing this .. have a friend do it for you.

I'll appreciate knowing for certain and in case anyone from GA uses the search bar in the future they will be able to read about what you were told by the state.

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