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re-open my unemployment?

by Lana

Im in the state of Colorado. I was fired from an 81/2 year career. I waited 2 months to go to trial for unemployment and won because the employer could not be found to suffer any calculatable losses connected to the explanation for firing me. Huray! However, in the meantime I went to work for a collection agency. Its horrible. They hire people right out of prison, they don't do drug testing and the the slang flys around as if it were natural to speak this way in a professional atmosphere. I really want to quit and draw my unemployment. Ive heard that if a job is affecting your health or it is a hostile environment it is still possible. Any input? Should I resign? Or just quit without written notice?

Hi Lana,

To start collecting unemployment again you will need to prove that you quit with good cause. I'm referring you to the Colorado Unemployment Web Library

I'm thinking you should read everything under "working conditions". And as I repeat myself all the time and will do so again .. When a person quits it's always better to first make attempts to resolve the problem with management. Obviously someone must have some control over these people .. make sure you give them an opportunity to change the environment first and quickly.

Never quit without written notice if you can help it. It's job abandonment. The employer will probably respond with "The claimant quit without notice. The claimant did not tell the employer about the problem so the employer was unable to address the problem ...

By slang, I suspect you mean vulgar language. I'd find that impossible to tolerate myself .. If this is coming from the opposite sex ... I read an interesting sexual harassment case decision on
this website. It was very similar to your story.

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