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Re-Qualified in NJ

by Dave

Hi Chris,

You have answered questions for me in the past, and now i have a new one because i can't wait for NJ anymore. I was fired from my job and the state determined that i quit voluntarily. i waited 3 months for an appeal and lost and appealed to the board of review. its now been 2 months and i called them yesterday and they said it could take 6 months. In the meantime i'm losing everything. Anyway, in NJ to be qualified again you have to work at least 4 weeks and earn 6 times your weekly benefit rate. Is that going by your gross or net pay? And i am assuming i should continue to call in every 2 weeks since my appeal is still under review? thanks for your time again,


It's gross wages Dave and yes, you should continue to file as long as you have a pending appeal.

The benefits should start appearing when you have met the disqualification by working in covered employment.

What I'm not sure of is whether this would pertain to "Partial benefits" if you are working part-time .. or if they will also require you to be separated from that employment as well with a qualifying separation .. you'll have to let me know.

Apparently, I didn't answer you very well if you lost at hearing .. or at the very least couldn't get it changed to a discharge with good cause .. which would have made it possible to just serve a time based disqualification instead of a time and additional earning requirements for a voluntary quit disqualification.

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Mar 31, 2010
Re-qualified in NJ
by: Dave


Unfortunately I did not stumble upon this page until after my appeal hearing. I was so sure, in my eyes, that it was such a clear cut case that I was fired and not quit. Turns out the state's interpretation was much different. And, still waiting on the board of review, but from what I've read, its very unusual that they will reverse the decision of the appeal hearing. In the meantime I was forced to take a job earning less than what my weekly benefit rate would be, but I had no choice, i'm drowning financially. I will let you know how things work out. thanks for all of your help.


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