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Requested two transfered...denied both then I quit

by Jon
(Orange, California)

I requested two different transfers to two different stores. I needed to be closer to home and school. The first time it was outright denied, and the second time I was told I could and then at the last minute denied. The amount of driving I was doing combined with my hours I had to quit due to my grades beginning to decline. I am still actively looking for a job that is closer to home.

Will I still be able to receive Unemployment even though I quit?

Hi Jon,

This is just my opinion, but I think .. if the EDD hears the words that you quit your job because you were requesting transfers because your grades were declining .. you will wind up "self disqualifying yourself".

I would much rather go back to the time you first accepted the position and find out why you did.

Then move forward and find out if there is another reason .. such as distance, time, and travel that caused the problem .. If .. there happens to be any other relevant reasons .. besides school .. that's what I'd be looking for.

Read the CA eligibility determination guide.

It should explain to you .. why school is not really the best of excuses for quitting a job and then expecting to collect unemployment benefits.

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