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requesting only part time after the birth of my child because i cannot afford childcare?

by Kim

I just recently gave birth to my second child, and have been off on maternity leave for 6 weeks. Unfortunately it looks as if we will be unable to afford fulltime childcare for both my 3 yr old and 6 week old. If i request that i work only part time and they say no and fire me can i collect unemployment? I thought we would be able to manage before the baby was born, but my husband's work has slowed down, and infant care is so expensive. My whole check would be going to childcare.

Hi Kim,

Thank goodness for California's eligibility guide. It addresses your issue. VQ155 - Care of children and home.

It's states the cost of childcare alone is not "usually" a consideration. Only knowing what you stated in your question .. Even requesting the part-time work wouldn't eliminate the chance a decision would deny because your reason that you can't afford childcare is not compelling enough. If it were .. imagine how many mothers out there would be quitting to stay home with their kid and collecting unemployment.

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