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requesting part- time position due to birth of the child

Hi! I been working for Apple Bank for Savings in New York for 4 years as customer service representative and now i had the baby and would like to go part-time, but i been turned down in my request,so i been fired because i didnt want to come back full-time. Can i still get unemployment benefits?


You've been fired???

Then what are you asking a question for on a page about quitting?

If you were fired for just requesting to go to part-time .. that wouldn't be a discharge for misconduct and you might be able to collect benefits.

However, if you quit because the employer wouldn't let you go to part-time hours .. the state would need to look at your reason for needing part-time hours .. and having a baby usually won't be a good reason in and of itself .. because having a baby is not "attributable to the work".

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