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Requesting reduced hours because of a medical diagnosis and a doctors recommendation.

by Terry
(Palm Beach, FL, USA)

I recently was diagnosed with a heart condition. I am 78 years old and am working 37.5 hrs per week telemarketing diabetes supplies. I have noticed a change in the manager's conduct towards me after I requested a cut in my hours to 30 per my doctor's request. I am worried with his change in attitude and changing sales quotas that he is planning to let me go. I really need the job and am worried if this did happen if I am able to collect unemployment. I have worked for just over one year. When I first started working the quota was 5 sales per week. I made 9 sales last week and suddenly the quota has been raised to 10 per week. This is the first inkling I have received of the change in attitude I mentioned previously. Thanks for any guidance you might be able to supply in this time of need and economic stress.

Hi Terry,

You need to start documenting now. If this employer starts (sounds like it's already started) building a case for firing you for cause (a tactic used by many, many employers) you'll need it.

I think you need to start addressing the perceived change in attitude now with the employer to minimize or counter the possible damage the attitude and actions (raising quotas - less hours worked) of your manager can do.

Should it come to having to collect unemployment you'll be that much ahead of the curve in showing the employer was reacting to a medically enforced reduction in hours.

I strongly believe written documentation is always best.

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