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Resigned due to documented medical reasons. Do I qualify for unemployment even though I resigned 19 months ago?

by Mellisa
(Naples, Florida)

I was employed as a floor nurse (RN) in a hospital setting for 3 years. I was involved in an auto accident and had to resign from my job due to the injuries (ruptured disk).

While I was recovering from my auto injuries (before my resignation)I was diagnosed with cancer. I resigned from my RN position due to my back injury, I could no longer perform my RN duties (for example - lifting 50 or more pounds).

I provided my employer (Nurse Manager) with a written letter of resignation explaining this and she never offered to re-assign me to a different position. She said I had to be able to perform all duties as written in my job description.

Given the reason for my resignation, do I qualify for unemployment compensation?

If so, would I still qualify given it has been 19 months since my resignation?

Thank you for your time.

Hi Mellisa,

Quite frankly, I don't have enough information to know if the quit would be qualifying, but I do know that if the employment was 19 months ago .. you most like wouldn't have enough qualifying wages left in your base period to now be monetarily eligible.

I wish I could help more.



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