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Restarting a claim


I was laid off for 4months (April-July 09) and received unempolyment benefits, I then took a new job the 1st of August, and ended my UI benefits. I have now been laid off from this job and refiled my UI and while it says I'm eligible, but the benefit is HALF what I drew before and not enough to survive on, even for a short period of time. Is it not possible for them to restart the prior claim where I left off? Obviously this claim is less..because I was drawing UI during part of the base period. And of course I get this news on a Saturday, when there is absolutely NO ONE I can talk to. I'm devastated.


They are suppose to if your benefit year has not expired .. which yours has not.

Appeal the monetary determination.

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Jan 09, 2010
thank you
by: sherry

Thank you, that at least gives me hope.

Just remember, there's only suppose to be one base period for one benefit year .. they are not suppose to change your WBA within that year if you have not exhausted regular benefits which would be 26 weeks, but if you do use up all 26 weeks and need an extension .. all bets are off as to the amount you'll get.

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