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Retired from federal government

by Bruce
(Spy, Mo)

I recently retired from us postal service, September 28 , I have not yet begin to receive my pension , OPM explained to me that it would begin in January 2019 . Am I elgible to receive unemployment benefits in the interim? I wish to be employed again by a different company . 34 years was enough time with the same company .

Hi Bruce,

It would be lovely, but I think it's highly unlikely you would be found eligible to collect unemployment .. even if the pension wouldn't yet be in affect to affect your benefits in the short interim.

The reasoning is that when someone voluntarily retires from a job, it's a voluntary quit for personal reason, albeit a very good personal cause to quit one's job, it's just that it doesn't rise to the occasion of being provable as good cause attributable to the fault of the employer, or the work.

A potential exception to the general rule of thumb, is when retirement is mandatory, such as can be the case for say .. airline pilots.

State by state, one can find out if there may be special provisions affecting unemployment benefits due to a VQR in DOLETA's Nonmonetary Eligibility Charts.

All the Best,

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