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Rules for receiving unemployement if you quit a job

by J. H.
(West Virginia)

I manage a Branch office for a tool company in a large city in WV. The main office which is located about 50 miles away is considering closing this office because of sales numbers that do not meet expectations of the CEO.

Myself and my staff will be offered jobs in the branch that is about 40 mile or the main office which is 50 miles away. I am very close to retirement age and could draw SS now but not at the rate that I would get if I worked to 66. My question is if we quit, this is what they want us to do since they feel we won't be eligible for unemployment, will we be denied unemployment because of these factors?


If I were you, I'd call the WV unemployment department and ask them what is considered an excessive distance to travel to a new location to continue working .. just to make sure a quit will be with good cause, or if they can provide you with any precedents that demonstrate how a decision is arrived at by considering more than just the increased distance which may be deemed unreasonable.

This distance factor can vary from state to state .. so it is important to find out about your own state before you quit per how .. let's say, California interprets this reason.

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