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Sales are low and work on commission only. Am afraid of being fired.

I work on commission only and am a sales rep for a radio advertising company. We used to have 18 people in our department and now we are down to 5. I was making six figures a year but am now at half of what I used to make. I've lost many of my clients and some have even defaulted on payments because of the state of the economy. I sometimes receive charge backs if they previously paid using a credit card so I actually loose money at times. I am still hanging in there but am so afraid of being fired because my sales are so low and I feel there isn't much I can do. I try to sell but nobody's buying these days. I am so afraid of getting fired and feel it could happen any day. If I am fired, would I be eligible for unemployment benefits in Florida?


Well, I'll tell you what .. if it was me ... I think I would be able to collect unemployment because I would have been gathering up anything along the way that would support that the decrease in sales was not due to anything deliberate, intentional or neglectful on my part, but due to the F*****G economy.

A motto to live by even when times are good CYA!!

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