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saying something wrong?

by Richard Orr
(Macon, GA USA)

I am an on-air radio personality. I was fired because my employer said I was no longer to discuss being a convicted felon on the air. They never put this in writing. I was told to stop discussing it on air on a Monday before my show and was fired the next day Tuesday because he stated that I mentioned it that very same day which I did not. I have the tapes of my show to prove it.

Hi Richard,

Wow!! You are the first "Personality" at least the first to say so.

Do you have an employment contract? If so, anything in it that the employer would point to and say "he should have known better"? .. Even if you say there's nothing explicit ... is there some kind of morality clause he might point to?

If not, and you have the tapes to prove that he fired you for not complying .. when in fact you did comply after being warned not to .. should make you good to go.

If you had gone on the air and talked about being a convicted felon after he told you not to .. that would be good cause for a discharge, but for insubordination .. not saying something wrong.

Maybe he was counting on you to be like some's perception of what a radio personality is .. you know .. an attention grabbing exhibitionist with an overriding disdain for authority.

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