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school but are let go before you were planning on officially quiting?

by jon
(seattle, wa)

First of all I am a resident in Washington State. I recently informed my employer that I am planning on going back to school in the fall. I felt that it was right for me to do so as they are planning on sending me to multiple training classes that will cost the company a lot of money. I felt an obligation to inform them of my plans so that they could decide whether or not they still wanted to send me to the training. When I told my boss of my intent he told me that If I was planning on leaving then my services were no longer needed affective immediately. Am I eligable for unemployment?

Yes, I'd say so Jon .. sounds like a discharge without good cause .. since good cause needs to be misconduct.

But when you start school an able and available issue might get in the way. The USDOL say that Washington takes this stance on collecting and going to school at the same time.

"Yes, disqualified if registered at a
school that provides instruction of
12 or more hours per week, unless in
approved training or demonstrates
evidence of availability for work."

Not sure what kind of school you're planning onn attending, but if I were you .. I'd check into the possibility of training benefits as well to avoid an A&A issue in the fall.

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Feb 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi, Jon. I wonder if you are still following this thread. I'm interested to know if you ever filed for unemployment benefits and if you won! I'm in a very similar situation where I won't be starting school for another five months. Two weeks after informing my employer that I have been accepted to a full-time program, she let me go. She was fully aware that I was available and fully intended to work the remaining five months leading up to the start of my program, but business was slow and she used that as an extra justification to get rid of me before time. You try to be nice and give your employer advanced notice (more than two weeks), and this is how they repay you! I am waiting for my hearing. I hope you update us on what eventually happened!

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