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second appeal


i just submitted my second appeal letter. first of all i had just come back to work from a medical excuse but due to family problems which caused a great deal of stress on me i called in a few times after my return. my suoervisor contacted me asking what my plans were and gave me till the next day to reach a decision. after carefully thinking it through he again contacted me the next day and i told him i would very much appreciate another chance when he then told me to go in to discuss my suspension and to finish some education classesbut to my surprise when i went in there were a couple of other staff with him. they then all suggested that i resign for personal reasons and being a shy pushover i just sat there and cried. they tried to console me but just kept insisting this would be the best thing for me to do. after leaving i felt a little humiliated, my intentions were to return to work and instead i got talked into signing my resignation. what do you think my chances of winning a second appeal will be?


Sorry this happened to you, but I don't think your chances are very good .. ignorance of how this stuff works is not a valid reason for an appeal.

And I doubt the employer is going to tell the unemployment department ever what happened during that meeting .. do you?

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