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second question to answer you gave me in ca

Thanks for your help. I have a second question. I'm in california and I took the job that required traveling to Minnesota and i have 4 children with no training.

I worked in Health Insurance for about 4 years then laid off. I was offered a position doing small group sales which i had no experience in. I am a licensed sales agent and am liable for the info i give out; that is also another factor as to why i literally begged them for training. I could lose my livelyhood and never be able to sell if i give out wrong info. Not to mention the traveling. from what i read i have a good chance and pray i read correctly. I just want the Lord to help me as i did speak to management crying many times for help and expressing to them that traveling was something that i could not do and all he said was it is mandatory and i had to do it. The offer letter did not have the traveling on it. The job offer also had nothing to the fact of traveling.

How can they expect me to leave my children. Any addtional thoughts you could help me with please!!!


You continue to focus on your children. Are you a single parent? At what point did you learn you would be required to travel out of state?

I think you might be looking for a guarantee from me that you will get benefits. I can't do that.

You have the intimate knowledge of your own situation. You also have access to the benefit guide. It's you that needs to assure yourself you have a case.

You've mentioned some very valid points in your posts, but you are not a victim .. you have a choice. If you can't leave your children .. tell me why .. but try telling me why in relationship to how the State of California decides when there is good cause to quit because of your responsibility to care for your children.

Maybe you need to read some decisions

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