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Self employed unemployment benefits in Forida?

by Allan
(Sarasota, Florida)

I have been a self-employed carpenter in Florida for 30 years. I've always paid self-employment taxes and all other required filings. I am a state registered LLC. Now that I've had no work for 8 months, I was wondering if I qualify for any relief? I made a call to the local agency and was quickly dismissed.

Hi Allan,

Unemployment Benefits for the self employed is dependent on whether a state has a provision in their statutes allowing for the possibility.

The easiest, and fastest way to get an answer to this question no matter which state is of concern is to go to the unemployment coverage chartbook provided by the USDOL.

I have a link to all the state unemployment law comparison charts on the unemployment statutes page.

Generally I think this option, when possible, would require not only a provision, but proof the business has been officially closed to avoid any issues such as able and available for full-time work in Florida.


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Jul 21, 2010
Love Florda
by: Anonymous

sounds like another way living the American dream is turning into the america nightmare...

Well then, if you or anyone happens to read this .. please answer my question for the day.

If the government said to all American employees and self employed people .. We want to reform the unemployment system to include "individual or employee funded unemployment funds in case of FMLA and other "life happens" kind of things, BUT you will have to pay additional tax from your pay .. what would you think?

Because I can imagine this becoming a reality.


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