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by Tim

I was fired from a job where I worked for 3.5 months for missing work while I was hospitalized. I had no previous write ups nor had anyone ever discussed this with me in short I was not aware of any problem.

Hi Tim,

The reason for your termination as stated isn't what I'd call misconduct, and it's even understandable as far as the employer is concerned considering the length of your employment and the fact you wouldn't of been eligible for Family Medical Leave (FMLA) until around a year of employment.

So, the question becomes for me at least, whether you were short changed because you couldn't meet the earning requirements to establish a valid claim for benefits, or were denied for attendance issues as the misconduct, or possibly you not being able and available to accept another job at the moment due to being medically restricted from any type of work, or ....

If the final incident of being absent from work for which you were fired, wasn't due to you being in the hospital.

Saying you've been short changed isn't a detail that's helpful to me to help you figure out if there is anything you can do via an appeal to change a denial of unemployment benefits.


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short changed
by: Anonymous

Chris, yes I met the income requirements and I am physically and mentally able to work.This morning I received news that I am allowed for EUC does this mean Im being approved? I also have to get the doctors at the hospital I was at to fill out some forms, I dont know how I will do this since I have m
moved 1000 miles away and dont even know his name? Thank you for your help, Tim

EUC .. I believe is emergency unemployment compensation .. or coming from the the federal government, but still subject to a determination denying benefits on the merits of the last separation from work.

And a 1,000 miles doesn't mean much in today's world of cell phones and emails, but upon occasion moving a 1,000 miles can cause a denial of benefits from a state that has "locality provisions".

Regardless, just make sure your appeal letter arrives timely ands that you're able to prove that in case they determine it to be untimely.

Fax works well for proving timely appeals.

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