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Should I Contest Date of Termination?

On a Wed I was told by my supervisor I would be put on a three day unpaid suspension effective the following Monday (I guess they needed me to work until then). An incident occurred that Friday that prompted my supervisor to fire me on the spot saying "As far as I'm concerned you can consider yourself terminated and can clean out your desk". Now my supervisor is claiming that the actual date of termination was the following Tues (the day after my suspension was to begin) and several days after I was actually told I was fired.

They have also called twice since then asking if I would rather go on record as having resigned as opposed to being fired. I declined the offer. I can't help but think my supervisor is attempting to manipulate the facts in order to either...

A- cover herself for her own policy breach
B- prevent me from being eligble for UI

or both

Is the date of termination relevant enough to contest?
I live in Tennessee and have been employed at this place for 5 years.


It not really a matter of contesting the date, but being able to explain coherently to the state the actual events .. including the phone calls from the employer trying to get you to agree to quit:))

First, depending on the leanings of the person that makes the determination .. the state ought to be curious about why the employer decided to suspend you for "misconduct" on Wednesday and told you so, but not do it until Monday.

There's an argument in the above paragraph for you to develop.

Then the state should be curios about what exactly it is you did to be suspended and mostly, what it is you did that made her fire you on the spot.

And all the usual stuff such as previous warnings, and PROGRESSIVE DISCIPLINE POLICY which is probably why your employer is trying to get you to say you quit. Oh my, I've screwed up .. how can I cover my ass?

Now having said all this, I don't want you to relax yet because what you did do, does matter.


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