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Should I just start filing for unemployment weekly again?

by allen

I was laid off for 10 mo. and got an extension 2 weeks later I got called back to work by the same employer for 10 weeks and got laid off again.

My extension claim is still open although I never filed a weekly claim while I was working and said that my claim is open until My 2010. Should I just start filing weekly claims again or will I lose some benaefits or get in trouble for not reporting working for those 10 weeks.

I can't get a hold of a real person when I call it's always busy I tried for literally hours day after day.
from Alabama
Sincerely, Allen

Hi Allen,

I think you need to try to reopen the claim.

You won't get in trouble for not filing while you were working, but I didn't really find any good information on the Alabama unemployment website about extensions. And extensions are a concern right now because people are losing their ability to continue to collect extended benefits.

I think I would just try to reopen the claim either online or by phone and follow the directions. It's better than waiting on hold for hours or getting disconnected.

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