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Should I quit if instead of being transferred to the location I want I'm transferred to a store that won't fit into my personal need to move to a different location?

by Asher
(Reno, NV)

I currently live in N. Nevada in retail as a manager. My store is in the process of closing. About a month before my store closed I asked my district manager if I could have a transfer to N. California since my fiancé recieved a job there. He said that was a possibilty.

About three weeks later we were told the store I currently work at is closing. After he broke the new I meet with him to discuss my future with the company. He said he did not think it was the companies best interest to transfer me because he think I will just try and stay where I am at in the company and not try and grow with the company and move again for them in order to get a better position.
Therefore, I was denied the transfer. He has not said if I will get a transfer within my city but I am still planning on moving.
When I applied and interviewed for the job I was not informed that I would have to
move and be flexable for the company.
I have two questions if he doesn't offer me a position in the city I live now does that mean I was layer off and can collect unemployment?
And if he does offer me a job in the city I live in now and still decide
to move to California can collect unemployment?

Hi Asher,

I'm taking a little liberty nowadays with what the questions are really asking.

Have you tried to locate an answer to your question on the Nevada Unemployment website?

If they won't transfer you to a store in the location you want to move to .. I think you'd better cross your fingers that they just decide to lay you off and not offer you a position in a different store .. since your fiance is not yet your spouse.

If you worked in CA now .. the answer would be different.

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