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Should I refile for CTB

by Dawn
(Hemet , CA)

I live in California. I was denied because they said going to school put restrictions on working. I only go to school 3 days a week and most days I get out by 2:30 so I can work people do it all the time. I was denied california training benefits because they said at the time I was not unemployed for 4 weeks and my program would not be done in a year. I filed an appeal and have not gotten a court date 3 months later. I called the appeals office to ask if I should reapply and my circumstances have changed. I have been unemployed for over 3 months and I only have 9 months of school left. They said they did not know to call or even better email the unemployment office. I did that 2 weeks again and have heard nothing. Should I just reapply.

I'm confused Dawn. What did you file an appeal for? Being denied CTB or being denied unemployment benefits because they determined you weren't able and available for work?

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Jan 17, 2010
by: Anonymous

I am still going to school. The job I had I worked soe days and some nights. So how can they say that going to school 3 days a weeks means I cant work there are a lot of noght jobs I can do. Many people go to school and work. I just wondered if I should just reapply

Reapply? You've already opened a claim and appealed a denial of that claim. Have you had subsequent work which you now no longer have?

One claim last for one year and possibly longer with any applicable extensions. You haven't finished the process for the claim you established.

Even if you have had subsequent work and now are no longer employed you would need to reopen your claim and hope that you have purged, served, or lifted (removed) any disqualification that was imposed when you received your determination.

Jan 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

All of it they said I was denied because I cannot work since I go to school but I can still work. And the CTB because they said I had more than a year of school left and at the time I had 11 1/2 months left and they said I had not been unemployed for 4 consecutive weeks which at the time I had been. So I appealed all the decisions

Okay, you need to call an appeal office (the main appeal office is in Oxnard. Tell them you have been waiting forever for a hearing.

Usually, if you have appealed more than one determination they will combine all the issues on one hearing notice.

I can't really help you with the training benefits, but your argument makes sense.

I suspect they told you to email of call because it sounds like you were denied due to an able and available issue. This can be lifted if you have become able and available for work and your availability satisfies the state. This should be based on when you should be available for the type of work you did do.

They look at the typical hours someone should be available for whatever their line of work is.

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