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Should I Willfully Misrepresent Facts To The Unemployment department?

by Jeffery
(new york city, NY)

Should I Willfully Misrepresent Facts To The Unemployment department?

Three month ago from the day I got fired. My boss told me I have done good job. But when he fired me, he told me I am not qualified and not professional. I think the last three months, it was not busy at all. Should I fill it lack of work or discharged/let go


I know you couldn't of read anything else I've written about getting unemployment.

It is Absolutely NOT okay to tell the department a lie!!

1. It would be a misrepresentation of a material fact .. and doom you pay back. Repercussions would only be inevitable if the employer played along with that lie.

You can't report as fact, what you believe to be the underlying cause. Remember a discharge is the employers burden and that means they have to prove misconduct no matter the real reason they might have fired you.

Don't worry, the state will investigate the issue, but for heavens sake .. don't let a misstatement of fact by you enter into that investigation ..

I call that buying trouble.

Work with the truth .. and if you need any more convincing that that is in fact the only way to go .. Look to see what your states fraud overpayment penaltiesfraud overpayment penalties are.

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