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Sick Days - Wisconsin Unemployment Benefits when not able and available for work.

by Cindy
(Green Bay, WI)

I got my unemployment, I have another job now, it's not as good but I get some unemployment as well. with this my work search is waived. WHAT HAPPENS IF I CALL IN SICK? I'm worried about what will happen if I get sick, with this H1N1 season, I won't be able to answer the question "Were you able to work this week?". Does any one know what happens? Thanks Folks

Hi Cindy,

I think you can answer the question. If you can't work .. you are not able and available for work .. receipt of unemployment benefits is conditional upon being able and available for work.

If you want to know specifically, how Wisconsin deals with this particular issue you can ask state or do some research.

Wisconsin LIRC

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