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Slander, risk of losing a city and county specialize certificate, employer never honored his offer letter, and being put in harms way.

by Bob
(Denver, Co)

1. The employer never met the bonus portion of the offer letter. I brought it up and was told "To Bad"

2. On a snow day everyone was sent home and I was forced to drive into the mountains in my wife's car for a service call and was hit by an uninsured motorist and had 9K in damages to my wife's car and the company told me too bad so sad.

3. A VP of operations was slandering my abilities and name to customers to cover up his bad decisions and tried to get me thrown off of a site on a 400K job that I had designed and had a hand in the sale before he was hired.

4. I hold a Access Control Supervisors Certificate for a city and county. The law states I need to be onsite at all times for the install of all equipment. The VP wanted to run the job and slandered my name to the customer and had me thrown off of this site which jepordized my certificate.

5 . I the VP demoted from my project manager role and the VP put his personal assistant in charge who has 0 experience in the electronic security field and then told me I report to her. She was extremely demeaning and I feel that this was not the job I accepted.

Hi Bob,

I suggest you research your options by visiting the Colorado Unemployment Insurance Reference Library

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