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something I did not do

by Jason Smith
(Moutlrie Ga)

I had two write ups at work got my third one for something I did not do they said I loaded a truck wrong.

but someone put a wrong pallet in front of my pallets and it got shipped out to wrong store. Other write up where for the same thing, if you sign for that shipment its on you. First write was in deed my fault, second and third was not my fault.

Hi Jason,

Sometimes all a person can do is tell the truth and hope for the best.

When a person is fired for rule violations and the employer follows their progressive discipline it can be difficult to actually prove or even argue that their was no misconduct .. unless they counter document on the write-ups.

I do go on and on about counter documenting, but your situation simply highlights the need for it .. if we accept the fact that write-ups for rule violations of an employer's reasonable rule are for use when making their case for having us denied unemployment .. it follows .. at least to me it does, that the time to protect ourselves is at the time of the write-up especially if we believe or know that the write-up is unjustified.

This way our signature on the write-up doesn't stand alone as being perceived that we agreed with it.

Most write-ups have a space for our comments .. this space should be used by an employee to professionally respond to the employer's action of writing us up.

Our comment becomes part of the record the employer will use.

Otherwise we are left with nothing but what we say after the fact .. at the unemployment hearing.

Failure to be an active participant in the employment relationship .. dooms many unemployed people to being denied benefits.

So, unless you counter documented .. you are left with only your word and the credibility that may be detected in your story when you tell it to the state.

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