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spanish unemployment application and customer service


I am trying to help a few spanish speaking job searchers apply for unemployment. I volunteer for a job search group that my church provides and I can't let them go without help. In addition, is there a number that I could give them that could link them with spanish speaking customer service? Anything and everything you could provide would be appreciated!!!


What a great thing you are doing!!

Florida provides an online unemployment application in Spanish and a Spanish customer service number on this page.

In fact they provide a lot of unemployment claim information in Spanish .. they just don't seem to carry it throughout all the other useful resources available for the job search and education opportunities, which is a shame because that's where the real value of the "unemployment department" lies.

But I hope most of the onestops would have at least some bilingual employees and workshops that can assist those who go in person to a local office.

I receive of lot of visitors from google translate. I don't know how well it works, but I didn't even realize it existed until I noticed visitors coming from there.

The USDOL also has labor resources in Spanish.


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