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Started night school...

by Erica
(san diego, ca)

Hi, I am in appeal status for my unemployment insurance because I quit my last job. I am currently waiting on a hearing date for the labor judge. I am changing careers from sales to teaching and I researched the caljobs website and teaching has a higher demand percentage. I am taking one class at 4.5 units at night two days a week starting at 530pm. I am about to check yes on my claim form and mail it in as I started school during this claim period. Do you think it was bad that I started school without them approving it first? (I didnt know) Also, do you think they will approve or deny? Thanks!

What they may do is suspend and investigate.

Why didn't you apply for California training benefits?

The night school could limit availability for "suitable work".

You should understand what CA thinks is suitable work and when school attendance might be a problem for you.

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